Climate Emergency

We promote the neutrality of harmful greenhouse gas emissions
CO2 absorption and compensation
Efficient energy consumption
Use of clean or renewable energy


We protect natural resources and spaces with responsible management
Efficiency in water consumption
Reduction of the use of phytosanitary products
Protection of biodiversity

Circular Economy

We value by-products and properly manage waste
Sustainable packaging solutions
Reduction of food loss
Comprehensive waste management



We generate well-being and quality employment
Promote wellness and health
Ensure diversity and inclusion
Enhance talent


We generate a positive, lasting and sustained impact
Integration with society and social action
Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Promotion of healthy eating and lifestyles


Ethics and good governance

We carry out ethical management beyond regulatory compliance
Ethical management guaranteeing regulatory compliance
Protection of human rights
Ensure a responsible supply chain


The ethical principles that we apply to our management go beyond regulatory compliance
EINF report creation
Investor information
Preparation of the sustainability report
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